10 Secrets To a Happy Marriage

happy marriageLove makes the world go round, it takes two to tango, marriage is sacred – but more than these a good marriage is needed by the kids. Their father and mother will give them a living example of what love means. This makes one happy. A family where parents love each other.

Let us see the secret to a happy marriage.

1. Make time to talk.

Don’t expect your husband to know everything. Tell him what you want, what you feel. However, if you’re going to verbalize frustrations and criticism, be sure to praise your spouse out loud.

2. Set loving patterns.

Make your just-married affection last forever. Show your love. Treat each other to surprise gifts, and make each other smile and feel loved; in this way, you may inspire him to pamper you, too.

3. Learn how to compromise.

Compromise takes sacrifice to the next level. You both agree to disagree and choose the next best thing to what you would have originally preferred. It goes something like: “I know you don’t like sports (even though I’d really like to see the game), and we both don’t want to stay at home tonight” (she wanted to go to a play, which you hate)…”so, how about we go see the concert at the Philharmonic tonight?” See, you both didn’t get your first choice, but you did find a common ground that you did agree on together. Maybe next time you go to the play, and the time after that you both go to the game. I love it when a plan comes together.

4. Accept that marriages are lie mirrors.

If you scratch your spouse’s back, he will scratch yours. If you yell, the words will echo back your way. Fix a marriage requires your kind deeds and good manners, so is a happy marriage. Read more here.

5. Share a sport or hobby.

It is important that you do things together as a couple, it is also important that you develop areas of interest on your own. This helps you to keep your relationship interesting and can stop the boredom from setting in. It also can help you appreciate each other more when you have periods of being apart. It makes seeing each other again even more special.

6. Divide chores fairly.

Start to find a livable balance between each of your different standards of cleanliness. Be specific and try to help your spout from time to time if he/she is busy. Most of failing marriages are always involved in issues of chores fairly. This post here will tell you what are the signs of a failing marriage.

7. Understand that marriage depends on how you’re doing.

If both of your are happy and busy and confident, your time together will be more fun. But if one of you goes through a hard time, it will be hard on both of you. Try to be supportive of each other. Going through difficulties make you stronger as a couple.

8. Never hit below the belt.

Fighting, it’s normal to fight at times, but don’t displace your anger. Keep your fight private. Marriage is fragile, give each other a reconciling hug.

9. Accept each other.

For better or for worse, live up with each other’s attitude. You can also go on a spouse improvement. Remember that a positive reinforcement work better than nagging.

10.Be honest but not critical.

Being able to have a good, honest and open communication is important, but communication is a lot more than just being honest and open. It is also about being sensitive to our spouse’s feelings and careful with our words. We must know how to filter relevant information so that our open communication does not hurt each other. Words are like double-sided swords. They can encourage when used properly, but they can also pierce and hurt a person’s heart if criticism and belittling happen.

In Conclusion

As these methods may sound simple and obvious, ask your self, are you carrying out these details in your marriage. If you do, trust me, your relationship is going to thrive! It could be the very best time of your life.

Being happy in your marriage is a blessing; you spend so much of your life with the person; why not invest some time to make it better. You will feel better, you kids will love to see Mom and Dad happy, you will probably live longer, and have a fulfilling life. Just go for it, stop making excuses – life is too short to live unhappily. You need to make your mind that you are worth it, and your marriage is worth it, and your kids are worth it, and your husband is worth it.

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